Transtion in 1000 words

What does transition mean for society?

movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another;

We are transitioning during all of our existence. We do it in order to achieve the next stage of our evolution.

We transition at many levels

  • Cellular
  • Energetic
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Mental
  • Collective
  • Multidimensional
  • Spiritual
  • Through the relativity of time


First, we come as pure energy from other states of consciousness, then by combining the streams of energy of 2 beings we come into physicality, we enter this world as innocent children who bring immense amounts of pure energy. The first years of life are intense and beautiful. These are some of the first transitions that we experience:

  • Our first language > connects us with the people around us
  • Our first literal steps > take us to new places
  • Our hunger > nourishes our growth
  • Our curiosity > drives our expansion
  • Our power of manifestation > brings the desires to fruition
  • Our lack of doubts > makes everything easy
  • Our undeniable thirst for life.

Our transition is physically more visible during the first 30 years of our lives. We begin to understand how everything works, we decide, or we are told, what we want to be, we make thousands of mistakes, because when we are young everything is permitted.

We are allowed to transition pretty easy from one state to another.

By the time a person reaches the age of 30 years old, in a peaceful and developed society, he passed through many forms of education, social structure, he has a knowledge of the area in which he was born, or if he was blessed, he got to visit some parts of the world and interact with other cultures.

There are many types of transitions that happen in a lifetime. We have just transitioned into a new year. People are more hopeful during these days because we get in the habit of making new plans for the next year.

We could say that during the week that holds the passage of the new year there is a collective transition towards hope. Our hope that maybe next year, some of our dreams will come true.

We begin to create rockets of desire. And for a while, they work, we have a certain energy about us. Maybe it’s because of the vacation days, but we have more faith in ourselves and in the power, we believe in, that our plans will work. And for some of us they really do. Some of us, each year, get to make the transition towards our goals.

There are a lot of us who don’t realize that the process of transition occurs at a different speed for every being alive. Maybe our goals do not manifest as fast as we would like them to. But that’s only normal. We aren’t supposed to be task robots that do everything according to a plan. We sometimes wish to be lazy and stay all day in the sofa and catch up to the favorite TV series, or get some time for ourselves. Or spend some precious time with our families because that time won’t ever come back. All of that is OK.

Not running towards your goals allows you to enjoy the journey.

The point is: every time we wake up we transition into a new day, a new set of opportunities in life. Most of us choose to follow a certain system. We go to work, we take care of our families and friends, and at the end of a determined period of time we allow ourselves to have some fun if we are lucky enough to afford it.

The expansion of consciousness is a beautiful and hard transition. It happens during several lifetimes and we get to enjoy it’s perks as soon as we understand a lesson.

When we expand to a new level of consciousness we grow on many levels. We understand a lot of things, we come to a temporary conclusion about our latest set of experiences.

It feels like you just climbed a mountain, and you transform, you become wiser, bigger, kinder. You become a teacher, an example for the ones that haven’t reached the top of the mountain. One funny thing about reaching the top of the mountain is that you realize that there are A LOT of other mountains peaks that you want to reach, but now you have more faith in yourself. Now you have a certain feeling of inner power that will allow to climb the next mountain easier.

Change is the only constant is this lifetime. When we don’t change, life is hard. It feels like a punishment.

Most of us don’t change out of fear. Because we don’t know what’s on the other side of the transition. A lot of us are contempt with our current condition. We are somehow comfortable and we don’t want to change. But the transition goes on. Maybe you got a good family, a good job, a good house and you feel really blessed, but you know deep inside, that you cannot stop, you have to keep going forward.

So, what can we do? Well there is nothing to do about it. We are always changing. Our bodies, our minds, our surroundings, people around us, life conditions, etc.

All we have to do is to learn to LET GO. To become one with the flow of life that is ever changing and ever flowing.

Letting go is HARD, especially if you are used to having control over everything. For that kind of people letting go feels like SUDDEN DEATH. I’ve been there, It’s really terrifying.

Once you let go, once you trust, once you follow your inner voice, life becomes a string of infinities. You are free to expand in any direction. Transition feels effortless. You can do it in any direction. If you maintain a healthy dose of balance and inner peace, it’s not even frightening.

We are alive because everything changes constantly. We were born out of change and we will die because of some change. We are in a way THE CHANGE PROCESS itself.

Through us this planet is transitioning towards a new consciousness. We are helping her change into something very beautiful. A jewel with billions of bright sparks of infinite colors.

We leave our print in the expansion of this universe.

I thank you all for being part of my transition, and I hope that through this words I can make your transition easier.

I love you beyond my ability to show it.


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