Transtion in 1000 words

What does transition mean for society? Definition noun movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another;   We are transitioning during all of our existence. We do it in order to achieve the next stage of our evolution. We transition at many levels Cellular Energetic Emotional Physical Social Mental Collective Multidimensional Spiritual Through the relativity of time   First, we come as pure energy from other states of consciousness, then by combining the streams of energy of 2 beings we come [...]

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A very curious and ironic thing happened while I was writing this article. I developed a resistance to finish it. Instead of my one week > one article posting rule for some reason I wrote a part in one sitting and then a week later, and after several intents on my part, here I am again with the realization that the delay was part of the resistance. It was part of the lesson I had [...]

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First contact with the ASTRAL group

Hello again, I will begin by telling you how all of this is happening. I receive information in my meditations that I do as astral projections or astral travels. My way of meditating during the past 5 years has been more or less the same because I had no patience to leave my mind blank. Now it's different, but I am still doing the astral projections. The big difference now is that I do not [...]

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