Crystallized thinking

What makes one not activate in the present moment ? What makes one not be in total awareness ? What creates the illusion of time, history and future ? Crystallized or conceptualized thinking refers to acting on what you previously know, building up instead of continually creating new values. Real new thoughts appear out of nothing, out of silence, out of empty space. Humanity's way of thinking in the present reality is one based on [...]

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First contact with the ASTRAL group

Hello again, I will begin by telling you how all of this is happening. I receive information in my meditations that I do as astral projections or astral travels. My way of meditating during the past 5 years has been more or less the same because I had no patience to leave my mind blank. Now it's different, but I am still doing the astral projections. The big difference now is that I do not [...]

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