A very curious and ironic thing happened while I was writing this article. I developed a resistance to finish it. Instead of my one week > one article posting rule for some reason I wrote a part in one sitting and then a week later, and after several intents on my part, here I am again with the realization that the delay was part of the resistance.

It was part of the lesson I had to see, to understand and to experience in order to speak about it and communicate it from my perspective for YOU.

Here we go >>>

What is resistance?

Resistance is any block of energy or feeling or a situation or in some very rare cases a person that doesn’t allow you to expand towards the infinity of your being.

Why do I say very rare? Because a resistance is an internal concept that we exteriorize and it manifests through a person or situation that we perceive as “external” or separated to us.

What does that mean in real life?

You often know exactly what you have to do, how to do it and when to do it ….

But you almost always find a good excuse that stops you at some point of your journey.

Let’s say you have an idea about a great project that could educate the whole planet with very little resources, allowing free education to anyone.

You get pumped and begin to think about that project and come with really good and unique ideas that improve the way of doing things for anyone else.

You spend some time developing this idea and the universe collaborates towards its manifestation. You go about your business and one day you begin to speak about this idea with different people.

Some people agree with you, and they give good feedback, you feel great about yourself, you feel encouraged to go forward.

And out of the blue there comes that part of yourself which is manifested through a fearful or doubtful person who vocalizes all your nightmares about that project.

He represents the resistance that you feel inside. Your SHADOW. Your inner demons.

And here my friend is where you take some bad decisions because you feel so discouraged by what that person said, that you begin to tell yourself that it wasn’t a good idea after all. You begin to believe those inner voices that show you the challenges that you might face.

And after putting so much energy into that project you begin to gradually give up because the fears and the doubts feel stronger.

This phenomenon has happened to most of us during our lifetime.

There is no easy way around this.

You have to stop, because the universe is giving you an important lesson, and the means to learn how to overcome that challenge.

What most of us do?

We ignore the issue and do one of those 2 things:

We either give up completely and stop pursuing that idea


We ignore the problem / fear / resistance and we stuff it in with the rest of the issues that we have inside adding to the explosive danger of the inner unsolved issues that dwell beneath our skin.

What we should do?

We have to address the issue, the feeling that is blocking us, solve the situation.

How can we detect the resistance?

My system is pretty simple:

I meditate with the purpose of reaching inner peace.

I focus on my breath in order to calm my mind (it doesn’t always work but with practice you get better)

Next step is to calm my emotions. I feel my emotions in the center of my chest. I simply try to release them into the universe or I ask help from my guides if I feel too stuck or the energies are too dense.

In the process of calming myself everything comes to the surface because there is no other way. You can’t bury something and expect peace. So, while meditating, the things that you buried, now come to your attention once again. This time you have the ability of understanding them a lot better because you are calm and focusing in the present moment.

So NOW the issue is presented and what you have to ask is WHY THAT ISSUE IS BEING SHOWN TO YOU?

You have to learn how to listen. You may need to record the information that you receive. Take a pen and start writing, or take your mobile phone and make a note or start recording your voice. Try to take note of any idea that is coming to you regarding that issue. It is very valuable information that it will bring a new understanding to you. Don’t stop until you feel that you got to the bottom of it.

After you have done all of it, learned the lesson, you have to learn to LET IT GO.

I’ll give my example so that you can understand how it works for me:

A few days ago, I was meditating and my intention was to reach the void inside myself, the absolute peace.

And while I was allowing the energies to come to the surface, a dear friend of mine came to mind and all of a sudden I was reliving the experience that I had with him where I felt intimidated, even dominated by his strong energy, by the way he was looking at me.

And I asked: why did I feel intimidated? I summoned the presence of my friend so that he could explain directly without any filter from other entities.

He told me that I needed to see the difference between courage and cowardice. He was showing me that I had to be brave in order to look into someone’s soul through his or her eyes.

And with this, a bigger resistance came to the surface. It showed my cowardice in many areas my life and in some of them it was justified but in other areas it was not. It was the result of my ignorance and accumulated fears that I hadn’t addressed in the past.

It was enlightening to find out how much it is affecting my life and how deep it was buried inside my soul. Finding something like this feels like winning the lottery. A big release happens and joy is felt.

Now I’m analyzing my life from the perspective of those fears that came to the surface. I’m detecting them and treating a lot of them by understanding from where they come and applying a healthy dose of maturity and love, trying not to judge myself too harshly. I’m pretty demanding with myself and my progress. I expect to get past this pretty fast, but there is no hurry, it’s simply a sense of getting it out of my way and to continue the ascension process which I’m sure it will bring more issues to the surface. It will take some time, but the journey is worth it.

Today I don’t have any message from the ASTRAL group.

Please let me know in your comments or on Facebook if you prefer to hear more messages from them instead of my experiences or if you prefer a mixed format where I adapt their wisdom with practical experience from day to day life.

I’m developing a new form of writing articles based on the questions that you have on a specific topic. It will take some time to set it up for the website but I think that it will be the best way of connecting with you and bringing more clarity.

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