Living in the present moment is a constant challenge

We hear it more and more these days:

“You have to live in the present moment”

“Be mindful about what you are doing”

Of course, the people are right. We have to focus on this moment. And when we are successful at it, life is a beautiful song. Everything fits together. You have the feeling that you know everything, without thinking too much about it. You feel that you are one with everything and as long as it lasts you are sublime.  You simply go with the flow.

BUT THEN… we get distracted by the thousands of things that happen inside us or around us, and those beautiful feelings go away gradually if you don’t make any effort to go back to the present moment.

NOW is the only fraction of our perception of time that we can “control”.

If you try to control the past the only thing that you can do is to come at peace with the fact that it is gone.

There are solutions, of course, to come back to a peaceful state of mind but you have to work with those instruments in the present moment.

If you try to control the future, you begin to gather anxiety and lose patience. And that is useless for your present situation.

I tried to find a good image to describe these concepts. When I wasn’t satisfied with the pre-existing creation on the internet, I went into meditation and asked the ASTRAL group to show me a representation of time.

On their first try they showed me a 3-meter transparent sphere around me which represented the NOW. The past and the future were like streams that were flowing around that sphere depending on the state of consciousness I was în.

After a few moments, they “gave up” trying to show me what I wanted and instead told me the truth. They told me that time is an illusion. A very strong illusion nonetheless that humanity created in order to have a reference point. Time is very dominant în the lower dimensions especially the 3rd.

This is a message from the ASTRAL group:

Now is forever. We can’t stress this enough. When you connect with the eternal now your life begins to flow. There is an abundance. The love of the universe flows through you because you don’t have any resistance to oppose it. You become a beacon of light for those around you and you influence them into focusing on the present moment. You create a bubble of non-distraction where time stops. Time has no meaning around you. You are not attached to time anymore. You live your life moment to moment focusing on your breath and on the things and people that are most important în that moment.

You live in the infinity of the universe.

And that my dear friends is the power of now.

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