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Hello people!

This part of the website is created so that you understand where I come from and what are my motivations, my aspirations and my wishes for this world.

It is very difficult to describe the emptiness or the void. Because everything is born out of that emptiness.

I will try to split my description in 2 parts:

My activity on this planet 

  • Romanian, born in Romania in 1984
  • Former Professional swimmer and multiple national champion
  • I LOVE PC games
  • Corporate image adviser (marketing, web pages, SEO)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Visionary
  • Channeler of entities from other dimensions
  • Explorer of universes through the Astral Travels
  • I speak 3 languages (Romanian, Spanish and English), and I am able to understand 3 more, to a medium level (Italian, French and Portuguese).
  • Ambassador of the Galactic Federation on Earth
  • I currently live in Madrid > Spain

My activity in the universe

  • The dimension where the essence of my soul is located is the 22nd (the dimension of Infinity).
  • I have thousands of simultaneous incarnations on multiple systems / planets / universes
  • I am the captain of the galactic fleet, positioned around this planet, which is helping the mother Earth to ascend into the next dimension.
  • And the most important thing I am nothing, I Am Love, I am infinite.