First contact with the ASTRAL group

Hello again,

I will begin by telling you how all of this is happening. I receive information in my meditations that I do as astral projections or astral travels. My way of meditating during the past 5 years has been more or less the same because I had no patience to leave my mind blank. Now it’s different, but I am still doing the astral projections.

The big difference now is that I do not allow my mind to be distracted because I trained my brain to communicate through the language of light and my mind transforms vast amounts of data in titles of a newspaper, without me having to “read” the entire newspaper word for word. is like reading an entire library in less than 1 second.

I meditated with different multidimensional entities in order to better understand my universe. My system is simple: I ask questions and they answer. The things they answer are not always as simple but my brain slowly understands the information. My brain now serves as a great universe of channeling information, a highway of light and a bank of light at the same time.

2 days ago, I went on board of my ship Maya. I made a call that reached all places of this Universe, to all entities of high vibration and with clear intention of helping humanity to go through this transition through the project that I am developing trough this web page. I felt a large number of entities coming from many galaxies.

In this moment, I’m feeling their energies, they are sending waves of love through my physical body.

They all came with a lot of enthusiasm to serve and to put their grain of sand in the expansion of this universe. When I saw that the command bridge of my ship is filled gradually I decided teleport inside the Sun, where I have a place created by me and my main guide.

I asked all the entities that can withstand in the vibration of the Sun, to come with me, and a large number of them came. The ones that stayed behind, established forms of telepathic communication to know at any time what was spoken in the group. Among all of us we have decided that the name of the group was to be ASTRAL. I need to put a name tag to the groups because I like them to speak with a single voice as if it were a single entity.

I connected with the consciousness of all those who had responded to the call. I felt a small electrical storm in my brain. This is always a sign of intense activity in the brain, as if everyone was communicating with me at the same time.

At this very moment, they are sending you lots of pure love and congratulate you for reaching this place in space and time.

Their message to you is:

Our aim is to transform the conscience of humanity in something that transcends this reality. We want to open your minds and your hearts, so that you can perceive the infinity of this universe and the infinity of love that exists around you. We are one and this is the first message for mankind. Peace and love. 

The first contact that was made.

  • I made the call.
  • They answered right away.
  • We formed a support group.
  • And now we are going to manifest these energies here and now.

I do not have any idea at all how this is going to be manifested. I’m only trying to live in the present moment and to communicate this project with the best clarity possible.

A great hug to all,

> Acteron S̄aphān <

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My greatest wish and role in this lifetime is to serve humanity and help this planet to ascend to a new level of consciousness. In other words, I'm trying to help everyone that the univers sends to me, in the best way possible.

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