Crystallized thinking

What makes one not activate in the present moment ?
What makes one not be in total awareness ?
What creates the illusion of time, history and future ?
Crystallized or conceptualized thinking refers to acting on what you previously know, building up instead of continually creating new values. Real new thoughts appear out of nothing, out of silence, out of empty space.

Humanity’s way of thinking in the present reality is one based on previous knowledge, of connecting the past and pointing to a future. In this manner nobody with a different kind of thinking is aloud in, nothing different can be understood because it needs a base.

I have been contacted by beings that do not use crystallized thinking, meaning their language is not based on previous knowledge. Their language is always created in the present moment. They create and communicate with everything they feel, and they feel much more things than can ever be expressed in words. Also they do not need this kind of language and are not interested in learning or ever trying it out because their being cannot simply be expressed in a human form. They don’t need to relate themselves to a past or a future but they have allot to communicate.

All their communications are of immense sacredness and awareness. It consists in transmitting light of different forms and colors. Just as words point to a known ‘thing’ in your mind, those forms don’t point, they actually represent the exact communicated fact or thought with no space for different interpretation as can happen with words and human expressions.

The reason why they came to me was because I ‘speak’ their language, through my imagination and my intention to create new forms. It’s like learning how to move like them and then you understand them. It becomes more than understanding it becomes a true way of living.

I could never express in words how it is like to communicate in that matter since words can only point but not become. You are the one becoming the message.

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